01 October 2010

Dos Equis is the New Beer Sponsor of Balloon Fiesta

Just in time for balloon fiesta! Haha! This cracks me up. Thunderstorms though thursday and showers on Friday and Saturday next week. I really hope it rains good, but I hope it does it in the afternoon. The mornings are really nice when it smells like rain.

Albuquerque is really buzzing this time of year. When I was delivering pizzas I would call hotels during this time of year and try to make reservations just for fun. Front desk people would inform me that I should have made my reservation months ago... It's also a time of year for hotels to jack up their prices way high. What are you willing to pay for a roof over your head and a nice warm shower in the morning? Well, some economist thought about this for the Albuquerque area durning balloon fiesta. Aparently peopel are willing to pay $160a night to stay at the Holliday Inn Express.

I might not make it to the Fiesta this year. I will definityly be chekcing out the Greek Fest though.
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