09 October 2010


We drove to Denver yesterday. It was a great drive. We were rushing to get out of town and we didn't leave until 1:30pm. We were planning on leaving at 11:45pm or noon. But we hit the road and made great time. We stopped in Las Vegas, NM for some water and Powerade. We continued on through the prarie of northern NM. By the way, the scenery is gorgeous on this drive. You can see the Rockie Mts to your west the entire drive. Raton pass was really interesting driving through. I think at the highest point we were at 8,000 ft. We stopped in Trinidad, which is a beautiful town. Pueblo was a bigger city than we though. Colorado Springs we stopped for food and gas. We made it to Colorado Springs on one ten gallon tank of gas. We ate tacos and then met with our great friends Mike and Jenna. We drank some great Colorado beer then went to bed. Today we will find some coffee then find my aunt and have some sopapillas. Yum!
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