28 September 2010

Sleeping Cactus Guy

What is this blog? Well, it's kind of a news page for me and anything that involves my interests. I just had to think about that and define it for myself. Now that I think about it though that's not correct at all. I would say that "news" is something that people other than the auther read and are interested in reading. I would hope that no one reads this blog. I know if I wasn't the person writing this right now, then I would not read this. I'm a bit weird. I like strange thigns, things that no one cares about. On top of that I babble on and on about bull crap. It's okay though, cause I get a lot out of this writting...

I'm in the office at my desk right now. I manage peoples finances and I answer phones and I take verbal lashings from my co-workers. This is not entirely true.

Balloon Fiesta is coming up, and it's still really warm in Albuquerque. I guess the entire nation is experienceing an "Indian Summer" (meaning it's hot when it's supposed to be cooling off). I don't know where this saying came from. Today and tomorrow it's supposed to be record breaking hot. I'm not down. Today I sat in the park under a tree and ate my lunch. (Peanut butter and honey that Linds made me). It was nice and cool outside, but I couldn't help wish that it was cooler, maybe even cold. I can't wait until I can finally see my breath. I remember the first time I was able to see my breath last year. We were living in Santa Fe and it was in October. The first time the average low drops below 32F (0C) is on October 23rd. The first time the average temperature reaches the same point in Minneapolis, MN is October 31st. This is funny, but after it freezes in Minneapolis then it's all down-hill until freaking April. Also, Minneapolis doesn't get above freezing for December, January or February. Actually, Lindsey and I want to head to Minneapolis in December. I looked at ticket prices and they are only $130 round trip including taxes and fees. Hotels are cheap too. I guess there aren't any people who want to visit Minneapolis at this time. I'm down for the cold though. "Oh but you're New Mexican! Doesn't it get hot in the desert? You're not going to be able to handle the cold." Okay, it get's cold in New Mexico...really cold in some spots. The record low in New Mexico is minus50(-50F) in Galivan. That's stinking cold. It's get's cold in the Albuquerque area too...not 15 miles east of me is a 10,000 foot mountain where temps drop below zero every winter. Who would have thought? Yeah! And who is that guy who made the New Mexico post card with the guy wearing a pancho and a sombrero taking a siesta under a saguaro cactus?
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