15 September 2010

It's Cooling Down

I'm taking a deep breath now. Albuquerque... What a funny name for a city. I like it here though, at least for now. Besides Texas, I like the surrounding states. I want to make it to Phoenix soon to visit my aunt and uncle. I'd like to visit Denver soon to see my other aunt and uncle and to see Mike and Jenna. We could visit these two places in one weekend. That's great! I love that. I liked living in Moberly for that reason too. If we had more money at the time I'm sure we would have seen more St. Louis and KC. We saw more KC than St. Louis. That's fine though, KC was right down Lindsey's and my alley. I'd like to head back to the Show Me State soon!

Now it's NM time though. We are doing great in our new apartment. It's really starting to feel like home! Besides the roach problem, everything is gorgeous. We have a back yard, and a porch. It's great. The back yard is great for a dog too which we are getting today. Our little jack russle mix will be ready to pick up today. We're excited! His name will be Diego. That's what we're thinking at least. It may change. I hope Floofy doesn't freak out. Floofy peed on my shoes this morning. Oh man, I was so angry! Little booger! I hope he doesn't pee more that Diego is going to be hanging out. I also hope that Diego is a nice pup. I actually haven't met him. Lindsey saw him at the shelter yesterday and fell in love.

I'll post some photos of Diego later on.

We also have new jobs. That dang coffee shop threw us off a bit, but it was probably necessary for what path life is taking us now. I'm doing accounting stuff at a case managemnt firm and Lindsey is substitue teaching at the kids jail. I am so happy that Lindsey is enjoying her life. I am so blessed to have Lindsey in my life!
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