30 September 2010

Leadville, or Somewhere

I want to go to the horse races! Do you think those horses are having fun? I know those little men that ride them are slapping them with a leather wrapped stick, but does it hurt the horses? I know that would freaking' hurt if you slapped my leg with that thing, but a horse has fur and is ~5x bigger than I am. I'm sure the horse is fine...PETA would have shut down horse racing by now if it was really bad. Anyway, I really love horses. I've loved horses all my life. According to my dad my third day on this planet earth was spent at the Downs of Santa Fe. My parents owned two different horses. They never won, but I guess one of them got second place one time. My aunt Eleanor and uncle Alex were really successful with their horses..

In a few weeks I really want to go to Leadville, CO. Leadville is the Two Mile High City. It has the highest airport in the country (the Angelfire airport is the third highest). It's really close to Breakenridge, Vail and other really pretty spots. It would also be nice to get out of town for a little while with Lindsey. And darn it, I would love to head out of the country with Lindsey! I need a passport though. I've been so lazy on getting that thing. I want to visit the usually European spots--London, Paris, Madrid--but I'd also like to see some eastern Europe, India, South America.

Some day...

My fingers hurt! It's a good pain though. I played my guitar for about two hours last night. It was pretty rad. Maybe "rad" is the wrong word...I wasn't exactly rocking out. Playing church tunes... But still, playing music is fun. It feels great to be in a rehearsal being bossed around by a music director.
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