05 July 2010

Bean Sync

I wish I could find my data cable for my camera. We have a bunch of great photos that we've taken in the past week or so. Moving back to Albuquerque has been a bit stressful, but nothing we can't handle. We don't have our own place yet. At the moment we are staying with Steve and Sue, Lindsey's parents. I am so grateful for their hospitality while we try to get on our feet again. We are starting this new project of a coffee shop. We are so excited to see the opportunity of our creativity and love of coffee come to life. We are working hard on things, and I imagine that we will have to continue to work hard before we see any benefit. We are working out of an already existing deli, so right now we are focusing on rearranging things to be coffee shop friendly. Today we are going to Savers and Thrift Town to see if we see any comfy vintage chairs. We want our space to be inviting and warm...  We want people to hang out and surf the internet. I'm really excited to see where this road takes us.

For the rest of our day we have a few plans. I suggested we head up to the top of the mountain (Sandia Peak) and just hang out for a sec and check out the scenery and enjoy the cool weather...but that's up in the air. (lol) We also want to hang out with Lindsey's brother Ryan and watch Book of Eli. Maybe he'll even let us take a dip in his apartment pool. 

I'm so grateful for the weather we have had too. It's been fairly warm during the day. A few days we even had some higher humidity readings. (Lindsey and I were like, "I thought we left Missouri?") But the humidity dropped and now it's really pleasant. At night it's been cooling off to a nice temperature. I love the relief we get at night in Albuquerque...

So I'm excited about today. I wish I could post some photos in this blog.  I'll dig though some boxes and find our camera cable soon. Now I'm going to stop typing.
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