23 June 2010

PBR and Missouri Heat

Right now it's 91F with a heat index of 99F. Moberly is mega hot right now, and I don't mean spring break MTV '99 hot, I mean... Whatever. It's hot. This morning a young child was mowing our lawn on a giant Missouri grass cutting machine. I've never seen such a small human operating such a large machine. I guess that's how they do it here in Missouri though. It was kind of nuts. I took a picture of him and his buddy doing landscaping work. I wonder how much they were getting paid?

So yeah, this was interesting. I told you he was a small kid!

But we're almost out of Missouri. It's been a mega long lonely 7 months for me. I'm surrounded by people everywhere and only one person went out of his way to include me...Justin. Thank you Justin, you Buffalo man. You're awesome! Missouri, Missouri, Missouri...I'm numb to you. I'm on my way back to my land. Lol. The land of Zohan. Burque Town. Down that I-40 road, I'll be there. I can't wait to hike those mountains! I'm going to take thousands of photos and never take NM for granted ever again.

... So we're packing. All of our stuff is in boxes by our door waiting to be hauled out into the Uhaul trailer.

My brothers Ramon and Juan are coming up with two of their friends to help us get back home. Oh and Floofer is helping us out too! Here he is all tired...

Here's another weird thing; Michelle our landlord has been showing our apartment to people while we're still here. It's cool with us I guess, but it's just supper wierd. Today a mother and her two children came in and started examinging our apartment. They were looking in our closet and checking out our bathroom. It was weird. All Michelle does is call us and leaves a voicemail then she comes and shows the apartment. Strange... Well, I'm going to get back to my PBR and my conversation about Panama with my lovely Lindsey. I hope we get some crazy weather before we leave, but no Tornados. Well, maybe a tornado, but not one that destroys our town or our stuff.

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