30 December 2009


It's really nice to have my laptop back! Now if only I could keep it from overheating. I'm sure it's just dusty... Now I don't have to go in that awful computer lab.

Right now I'm sitting at a table in the Moberly Library updating my computer, surfing the internet and observing the fine collection of books on the shelfs. There is a book here called Untamed by Gunther Gebel-Williams. Google it, it's a fantastic book I'm sure.

All is nice here in Moberly, MO. Right now it's snowing tiny flakes. I wish it would snow more though. People here are convinced that it's the arctic circle or something, that winters are amazingly freezing. Maybe I'm missing something but I think it's just as cold in Santa Fe. People told me, "oh it's a different type of cold, it's a wet cold". Hmmm...what's a wet cold? I haven't felt this "wet" cold yet. We'll see though, by the end of this week it's supposed to get down to 4 degrees here. I'll blog then to see if my mind has changed... I have experienced negative temps before, in New Mexico. I was driving once on my way to Wolf Creek and my thermometer read -25 degrees F. This was in Chama, NM. My breaks began to get stiff, I think my break fluid was beginning to freeze it was so cold. I also remember pulling into Angelfire, NM before sunrise and the temperature reading was -17 F. But it's a dry cold, so I don't have to worry. I'm not saying I can handle all weather, I'm just trying to bring awareness to the fact that New Mexico isn't always hot. New Mexico isn't the saguaro cactus with a vulture perched on it as some postcards like to depict. There are no saguaro cacti in New Mexico at all! Yes there is a part of New Mexico that is warmer, southern New Mexico. Las Cruces and Carlsbad, and Roswell. But...ah who cares. I mostly just do this for me anyway. I hope the wet cold sends my back to the west where the climate is warm and rainy...hopefully Portland.

I am really happy to be here dispite frustration about people not knowing about where I'm from. But I can't really blame them. New Mexico isn't really well known for anything important. Maybe the changing of world history in the development of and testing of nuclear weapons. (I'm not proud of that.) Maybe the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta... O'Keefe paintings? Meh..
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