27 February 2008

Only Thing I Know Is Awkward Silence

Settling into a new apartment is awesome. Especially because I'm living by myself. I liked living with all my previous roommates, but it's really kind of nice living by myself. The last time I lived by myself was in '04...maybe it was '03. I can't remember. But it was really nice. I'm enjoying my new place. It's a really interesting apartment too. It's a really old apartment complex, built in 1927. You've heard of a Murphy bed? Yeah, it doesn't have one of those, but it does have a Murphy table. I don't think it's called a 'Murphy table', but it's similar to a Murphy bed in that it's hidden in the wall until you need it. It also has Murphy chairs, and a Murphy ironing board. Another thing, it has this compartment built into the wall that opens like a glove compartment in a car. It's meant to hold a phone and a phone book, at least that's what I assumed it is for because it has a phone book and a phone jack in it. The location is great too. It's about 8 blocks from downtown (movie theater, live music venues, restaurants), and it's about 9 blocks from school, so I can walk everywhere I need to go.
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