27 February 2008

In Reverie

In Reverie is a freakin sweet album. If you don't know Saves The Day I would definitely recommend their music. In Reverie is one of my favorite albums from them.

Also, Windows Calender is a sweet program. I'm kind of liking Vista so far. When I first purchased my computer a few months ago, I was afraid I was going to hate Vista. It's kind of cool. It has a voice recognition thing and I can open programs and dictate text with it. It's not as cool as the voice recognition on the USS Enterprise, but it's a step toward an Enterprise type thing. I just can't wait for the day when the holodeck is invented. Until then, I think it's nice I can talk to my computer (I can tell it secrets) and I can tell it to remind me when my homework is due or when my next exam is. Technology is sweet. Today I was blinded with science.
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