01 July 2016

Spotify, Blink-182, Kings Kaleidoscope

Blink-182. They have a new record out today, California. I'm excited to hear it. I've heard a few songs already. As of about three days ago, I no longer have Apple Music. Gotta save some cash. So, this summer, I opted for the free (limited) subscription of Spotify. I've been pleased for the most part. It's free. I have to listen to advertisements every so often, I can still listen to entire albums from artists I like, but they have to be shuffled. No big deal. There's this new album from Blink. I shuffled it this morning, but Spotify started throwing in tracks from older Blink-182 albums. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I'm shuffling the artist and not the selected album. Not the case. Although, I'm listening to the album now and it seems to be working alright.

 There are two new albums I'm excited about. Blink. Because it's Blink, AND Skiba's a part of the band now. It's great. Like Blink-182 featuring Alkaline Trio. I like. I like.

 The other album I'm excited brings some controversy. Yes, the controversy involves Christians. Kings Kaleidoscope released their newest last week. Can I put an emoji here? 😱😱 They say “fuck” in one of their songs. It sounds so silly and I didn't even want to be part of the discussion. Songs say “fuck” all the time. But, not “Christian” songs from “Christian” bands who sing worship songs that are played by worship bands in churches all over the country. It's a big deal. When I heard about it, I didn't think it was a big deal, because I'm probably a heretic. Just saying.

 I was talking with Lindsey about it this morning. Last night, I was wasting time on Facebook, looking at the comments for the Kings Kaleidoscope post of the announcement for the album release. The comments began with excitement. Then they were curious–“what's up with this track that says explicit?”. Then it went to outrage. Some of these fools were straight heartbroken. I was telling Lindsey what I saw. Some guy's world had just been turned upside down. It's like he experienced a glitch in the matrix. I don't know the guy, but I'll bet he watches Game of Thrones, or movies that say “fuck” all the time. He might brush it off. Or, maybe when he's really pissed, or frustrated and the only word that works is “fuck!”. Maybe not. Maybe his language and what he chooses to consume is all PG. I don't know.

I was reminded about that scene in Anchor Man when Ron Burgundy read the TelePrompTer, “go fuck yourselves, San Diego”. Ron Burgundy! You're poop! Why did you have to go and do that?

Kings Kaleidoscope had to know that song would be the focus of the entire album. Maybe they wanted to start a discussion. Christianity isn't always pretty. Sometimes, when I call out to God, the only thing that describes how I feel is, “fuck! I'm hurting. I'm alone. I need help.” I think it's real. I've been there.
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