03 October 2014

Apple Juice

I love clicking by tapping. On my Chromebook, you have the choice of actually pressing down on the track pad and "clicking", or you can just tap the pad to "click". It's a simple pleasure, a pleasure still.

I'm not just writing about my Chromebook, but it was on my mind. I wanted to talk about sin--my sin. Now I forgot what exactly what it was about my sin that I was going to talk about. Now that I'm writing, my mind goes blank.

It's been a pretty crazy day. It started off with me receiving very little sleep last night. Today has been lagging, until now. I got some physical activity in and now my body's awake. Maybe that's what I was thinking about--my morning. Lindsey and I got angry with each other. We're not angry at each other any more, but tempers flared this morning. Luke had a cough last night and all three of us had very little rest as a result. We're better now. Luke's napping. I'm sitting here on my Chromebook...

I finally plucked those dang weeds out of my yard today. That's the physical activity I got in today. Plucking weeds is strenuous. Especially if you're as out of shape as I am. I'm glad I got those weeds plucked, though. My house was beginning to be the eye sore of the neighborhood, and my neighborhood is the eyesore of the city. I did some good yard work and killed four giant black widows in the process. One got away...

So, that's been my day so far. That and me thinking about dang smartphones. We're trapped. We're done. Smartphones are here and they have control. We have the fucking internet wherever we go. We're missing our lives as they pass in front of us. Look at me now. On the internet. It's bullshit. Sorry for the swear words, I just want to provide emphasis on what I'm saying. Plus, I don't think they're swear words when it's written, only when spoken. I've got some weird ideas, and that's one of them. Swear words are great at getting your attention. So, fucking smartphones. I went to Discount Tire Co. to get Lindsey's tire fixed. There were people in the waiting room--they weren't reading newspapers, or magazines, or discussing politics or religion. Nope. They were gazing at a 4" - 5.5" hd display. How many times a day can you check Facebook?!

I'm guilty, too. I stare at my damn phone sometimes and I snap out of my hypnosis and wonder what happened to the last 10 minutes. Turns out I read the same 8 tweets over and over. It's pretty dumb. It's our life, though. I'm going to stop writing in this blog now. I'm going to sip on some apple juice and I'm going to continue to read my book, The Problem of Pain by Clive S. Lewis. It's a good read. I've been at it or a few weeks now, chipping away at the book, soaking in some ideas.
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