09 September 2014

iPhone Stole My Attention

I get sucked in. I'll admit. I don't know why. Technology fascinates me. I've always liked computers. I'm not an "expert"... I don't know how to code. I don't know networking. I mean, I do a little. Anyway, today's Apple event hooked me. I love seeing what's on the horizon with technology. I think it's dumb, though. I have a smart phone. I have a smart watch. I follow the tech bloggers on You Tube and Google +.

I think I give it too much attention.

I think there are more important things in life. I'm just surrounded by this crap all day at work. I probably say the words "iPhone" or "Android" a thousand time in one day. There's more to life. After I write this post I'm going to read about this. I'm reading The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis. I'll be honest, the writing style requires me to have m-w.com close by and some sentences I'll have to read twice. It's a slow read, but a lot of my questions in life are being addressed. I don't know what's taken me so long to pick up this book... oh wait, I know. I'm lazy and I'd rather go to a bar and drink a beer.

So, here's a quote from the book that I've heard before, but it was better reading it for myself.

"There was a man born among these Jews who claimed to be, or to be the son of, or to be 'one with', the Something which is at once the awful haunter of nature and the giver of the moral law. The claim is so shocking -- a paradox, and even a horror, which we may easily be lulled into taking too lightly--that only two views of this man are possible. Either he was a raving lunatic of an unusually abominable type, or else He was, and is, precisely what He said. There is no middle way. If the records make the first hypothesis unacceptable, you must submit to the second."

Am I allowed to quote a book in my blog? I hope so. Either way, I'm enjoying digging into this book. I'll continue in chapter 2 now...
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