22 September 2014

Facebook's Garbage

I can't sleep. I'm such a bullshit social mediaist. Stupid Facebook brings me back every time and I hate it. I go a couple of months without Facebook, then I get curious and log back in. It's so freaking dumb. I wast at least 10 minutes at a time when I log in, looking at people's political views, or religious views or complaints or whatever.

I'm the same. Look at me now. I'm typing a dang blog about how I hate Facebook. Anyway, I'm done. For now, I guess. I'll probably forget how I hate Facebook and then log back in, like an idiot.

Speaking of idiots. I am one. I started off my day wonderfully. I mean, my day wasn't bad overall, but I started off eating great. I had some whole grains and some dairy for breakfast. Some fruits and veggies for lunch. Then Rudy's Barbecue for dinner. Now, it's way past my bedtime, my mind is running a million miles per hour, and I can't stop farting. Freaking unhealthy food. Every meal tomorrow will be a healthy meal. If I remember, I'll post a screenshot of my Lose It app daily food intake. I've been using this app for years, but for some reason I've been getting fatter. I would say it's will power.

So, I think I've gotten all I need to get off my mind. I love you Blogger/Google +. There are some people here that might read my crap...and if you're hear you don't say anything. And if you do, it's about comics or geography, or science, or photography, or technology. I'm cool with that. I'm not cool with Facebook's garbage.
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