17 July 2014

Just a Day

I'm typing a blog post from an ipad. That's a first. My chromebook battery died, and my desktop computer is much too far for me to get up. I'm a lazy bitch today. 

I was going to hike a trail in the Sandias. That fell through. I'll probably head up to the peak tomorrow or Sunday. I would love to be up there especially after it rained. I'll be it smells so nice up there.

Today's a lazy day still. Cleaning around the house. Hanging out with my little buddy Luke. He's asking for fruit snacks every 10 minutes. I'll have to say no sooner or later. I might play some Guitat Hero, maybe read my book about Evolution being taught in schools and Christians hating it. 

I'm enjoying my book so far. It's taking me forever to read it. I'm a slow reader and I get distracted easily. Also, I have a job and a 2 year old. It's tough for me to get through a 300 pager. I'm over half way through. The book I'm reading is called Monkey Girl. If the book ended at page 180 I'd reccomend it. I think I'll read a little now.  

By the way, if anyone cares, I'm listening to Run River North right now. So good. 
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