26 July 2011

Get Over Yourself, Denver

Seriously, I think that Denver, Colorado is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. I have one complaint though, and it's the elevation thing. Everywhere you go in Denver you see something about being one mile high. It's the "Mile High City". Even the city's magazine is called 5,280. Maybe this fact is something that is really impressing for all of the transplants from the east coast. For me, I was born at 7,000 ft above sea level at St. Vincent's Hospital in Santa Fe, NM. (I kind of wonder if it's the highest full service hospital in the U.S.) I have to laugh though at some of the things we are fascinated with. And I'm the guiltiest. I always talk about my current elevation... I'm ranting because I often see Denverites vandalizing Wikipedia pages and trying so hard to tell the world that they are a mile high. First of all, miles are dumb. Nobody else cares about miles, they care about kilometers. Second of all, I just want to read about boiling temperatures, I don't care that Denver is a mile high. Here's the quoted text from that article:

"In Denver, Colorado, which is at an elevation of about one mile, water boils at approximately 95 °C.[2] Depending on the type of food and the elevation, the boiling water may not be hot enough to cook the food properly. Similarly, increasing the pressure as in a pressure cookerraises the temperature of the contents above the open air boiling point."
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