20 June 2011

We Are Lucky To Be Alive

This one time, Lindsey and I were traveling down a path where
elephants are known to be seen. We were really hopeful that we would
not see one at all. We know how powerful these creatures are. From
television, we also know that they can be quite grumpy and protective
over their young. We also found out that a pride of lions took down
and ate one elephant one time. This is beside the point though. A
friend of ours, who was also our tour guide, took a picture of us in
the Indian jungle so that we could show our friends and family how
much fun we had. He snapped one photo, but my beard
wasn't combed right. So then, as he was preparing for the next photo
Lindsey and I realized that there was a giant elephant behind us! It
chased us until we outran it. Then we made it to the village and
enjoyed some tea.
(This is my lame attempt at writing a story.)
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