05 June 2011


It looks like some of our state is getting some much needed rain! Like
babbled before, it has been really dry. I really sound like a broken
record. Bla, bla, bla...I really wish it would rain...bla, bla, bla.
Whatever, that's what's on my mind. A few other things are on my mind.

This weekend Lindsey and I spoke with a loan officer. She gave us some
insight on home buying and what we, as new buyers, could expect. She
really did shed some light on things for us. We came away from the
meeting knowing that we could buy a house on our own. It felt kinda
good. Starting out in marriage, we both have lots of questions about
how life as a married person continues. Buying a home is one of the
major scary "unknowns". But we'll see. It could be three months, or it
could be three years before we buy a house. Or, if life takes us
somewhere else in the world, then it could be never. We're keeping our
options open.

So what else is on my mind? Well, I want to be happy. How am I going
to do it? I would say meditating and studying what is most important
to me, namely the God called Yahweh. I know it is difficult to study
what is not study-able, well maybe impossible. But I would like to
have more knowledge... But nobody wants to know about my religion,
right? That's personal stuff! Haha! It's really hard to keep something
like that to myself though. It is who I am... I even think it's deeper
than that. Something that I could ponder for a really long time.
That's where I gain my joy. Joy is a gift. I would like to also bring
joy to other people if I could. I would like to get more done than is
expected of me at work. I would like to go beyond what is expected of
me as a husband too. It's really difficult to get to the dishes every
time I see that they have piled up, but I would like to. Laundry is
also a huge chore, mostly because I have to drive half-a-mile to the
laundromat to do the laundry. I want to be a sponge for knowledge.
Every type of knowledge.

So that's what's on my mind right now.

In the near future I hope to see rain. In the near future I would like
to be above 10,000 ft above sea level. In the near future I would like
to sleep in a sleeping bag, on the floor, in a tent, in the Santa Fe
National Forest. The Pecos Wilderness is where it's at. I love the way
the forest smells after a good afternoon thunderstorm. I love when I
see those creeks grow into raging rivers. The forest is amazing
because it demands fear and respect. You can't help but admire it's
splendor. I love how all five senses are being touched with beauty. I
can feel the cool air and the grass brushing my legs, I can smell and
taste the forest air, I can see the towering pines and the rocky
cliffs, and I can hear the stream rushing and the bird calls. It's
pretty amazing... Soon.

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