08 April 2011

Let It Happen Every Time

I remember being in high school and wondering when someone would love me--a girl ya know? I remember thinking that high school was probably not going to be the place where I would meet someone to love. This is really cheesy but I feel like I need to write it down. It just makes me happy to see my patience paid off when I married Lindsey. She's the girl that when I think about puts a smile on my face. We're faced with questions on where to go all of the time, but I couldn't have thought of any better person to make those decisions with than with Lindsey. In a confusing world she helps me make sense of things. When I was dreaming about my future wife in high school, I was dreaming of Lindsey. She's perfect. When I was dreaming, sometimes I would be listening to "Let It Happen" by MxPx. I know that is really lame. I know people hate MxPx. Here are the lyrics and link to the song that I was listening to if you really care to take the time.

I want someone to love
a girl that when i think of
will put a smile on my face
i want to hold her hand
want her to understand
there's got to be a better place
than this world cause this 
is the best time of our lives
Should I be thinking about that now
She turns my world around 
I let it happen everytime
i want a lot of things
somethings always seem to bring
all the pain back in my mind
which way to go
answers to questions I don't know
there's better things that we can find

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