23 April 2011

Dry Weather

Everybody, it never fails, tells me that when I mention that I love rainy weather that I'm a total idiot to be living where I live. Well, maybe they don't say that I'm a total idiot, but they imply. The thing is I love diversity. I love that I can see desert and lush forest all in on short car trip. I also love my home, I think everyone loves their home. People like to love where they live. It's a big part of their identity. I don't like when people get angry at me for not knowing some obscure fact about their home county, city or state, so I don't get angry at people when they don't know that Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the U.S. 

What am I getting at? Well we've been experiencing a severe drought here in NM. I guess I prefaced what I'm getting at with what I just said because people don't really understand the climate in NM. When I say that we're experiencing a severe drought, people might think that it's just always a drought in NM, so how could the lack of rain be out of the ordinary. Well it is out of the ordinary for some parts of the state. We were just on the east slopes of the Sangre de Cristo mountains where it's normally pretty green with creeks and lakes. I noticed such a difference to what I normally see this weekend. The stream that normally fills a pond was dried up. The grass was brown. The air was dry. We are in desperate need of some moisture in our state. Every day that I look at the weather report I see there is a red flag warning. It's so dangerous in the forest. I'm really hoping that we see some rain, and some good rain soon. In fact I'm heading to weather.gov right now. 
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