27 August 2009


I am so stinking tired! Today I had lots of fun but it was all had with a tired body and a tired brain. Last night Lindsey and I decided that we wanted to do something. First we thought about going to a movie. Then we thought about calling Joe and Erin to see if they wanted to go to Brickyard. It was really nice sitting and hanging out with some familiar people.

We then went to Burt's and watched a really good DJ... Fun times in ABQ. Then we slept at the Freeman's house and had a full day with Nana. We went to Savers and looked at books and Halloween masks. Then we had a glorious lunch at Hurricanes. A good day hanging out with Mrs. Freeman and Nana and Linds.

Now we're back at home satisfied from delicious Chopsticks take-out...
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