26 August 2009

Santa Fe

So I think I'm shifting blog gears. I was at a stand still for a month or so, mostly because I was trying to graduate from college and also because a friend or two told me to shut up. Well, I'm ready to tell everybody all of the meaningless thoughts that go on in my brain. Meaningless thought no. 1: MxPx rules and I love them so much. No. 2 I want to see Run Kid Run SO bad on Labor Day weekend. No. 3 I love coffee.

I'm downloading Picasa for Ubuntu right now and I'm totally excited. If you don't have Picasa, you're missing out. It's way better than any other default picture browsing program. I'm also trying to organize my hard drives right now. I have lots of duplicate songs.

Right now I feel okay. I feel like I hate work. I feel like I don't work very often, but I still don't have much free time. The free time is what I want to savor. The times after work when Lindsey and I can just chat about random junk. I think I could probably be chatting with her now... Yeah, she's on the computer too. Sometimes we need time on the computer.

Living in Santa Fe has been okay for the most part. There are some things that are awesome about living in Santa Fe. One thing is that there are fewer distractions for us. We are less likely to be focused on other things like the drama Albuquerque brings, but we are also trying to find ourselves here. We love our friends in the Burque, but it's really hard to go out there all the time, and it's really hard for them to come out here. I'm rambling...

Here are some a few pics of us in Santa Fe: ...
well, I'm still trying to figure out how to make my wireless card work on Ubuntu. They aren't uploading. The pictures are awesome though! I'll show them soon.
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