09 November 2013

Twenty-Five Things About Me

Note: I am re-posting this. I original wrote this on 11 February in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Nine. I thought it deserved a better place to live than a Facebook Note.

1. I was born as a triceratops to two loving reptile parents in 1983. Not too many people know that New Mexico was once wetlands and many dinosaurs lived in our region. I don't think dinosaurs died from a meteor. I think they just got tired of earth and decided to move to a different planet. In fact, I don't think, I know cause I was invited. I like earth.

2. I love NM. People always assume that my state is mostly desert.. it is mostly desert. But there are some parts of NM that aren't desert. We have mountains. We have (small) mountain lakes and there are trees. Some forests in New Mexico relieve lots of moisture. Some parts of New Mexico are even green. Who cares? No one should. I'm not even angry. New Mexico sucks for most people, but that's fine. I'm happy I was born in such a different state. 

3. There was a blind man named Tony in my neighborhood when I was a kid. He had a bench next to a bush that he would sit on and listen to the birds and to me and my brothers playing. The bush had purple flowers that smelled very good and when I smell these flowers it reminds me of Tony. I would sit and talk to Tony in the cool Santa Fe evenings. He talked to me about life in Santa Fe in the 20s. I watched Tony write in braille in his workshop. Sometimes, Tio Cipriano (or just 'Tio' for me) would sit and talk to Tony too and I would join in on their conversation. 

4. I miss my grandpa. He is the reason why I'm curious about the world around me. He is the reason why I love music. I would go to my grandpa's house nearly everyday and read his encyclopedias and study his maps. My grandpa would tell me about the great classical musicians and also about mariachi music. My grandpa would play is harp and sing for me often. I watched my grandpa do his voice exercises. Sometimes we would go to the plaza and I would chase the pigeons. 

5. I like everything my dad likes. 

6. I admire my mom's compassion.

7. I want to go to England

8. The economy is aiiight

9. I enjoyed the movie Free Willie... 

10. I drew a 18th century ship for an art contest in the 6th grade and I won 2nd place.

11. I would like to widdle a boat from a single piece of wood.

12. I want to make a to-scale model of Albuquerque's downtown in a garage one day... so the tallest building would be about six feet high.

13. My brothers rock. I love them. I'm proud of both of them.

14. I've never visited Canada

15. I think I would enjoy a rainy climate.

16. Angels in the Outfield was an amazing movie. So was Rookie of the Year. My all time favorite move is Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

17. I think I would enjoy living in a castle. 

18. All things grow??

19. I don't believe in showers

20. I met Gov. King in the 2nd grade. We sang Las Mananitas to Mrs. King on her birthday. 

21. Michael Catnak's mom had a garden of mint and Michael and I would catch rolly pollies and snails.. we never hurt them though. 

22. MxPx rules. They changed my life. I met all three in Colo. Sprgs. this past April. It was amazing.
23. I miss my friends that moved away from me

24. I want an akita. 

25. Sufjan is sweet
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