10 May 2012

I Don't Feel Very Good

I was going to turn on the tv and veg out some more. That's getting old. I've been sick since Tuesday. This love seat has been my home for the past couple days. I have the worst common cold. I think it's a common cold. My body feels week. I have a deep lung cough. I feel overly fatigued. I have no appetite (which is probably a good thing). When I cough it feels like my head is going to explode. I read it could be a sinus infection. Whatever this is, it sucks. I'm ready to feel normal. I'm hoping not to get out little baby sick either. There have been times when I had to hold little Luke. I make sure not to cough and that my hands are clean.

I admire Linds for putting up with us so well. Our baby is a handful for both of us when we are 100%. Now I'm lucky if I'm 30% and Linds is picking up all the slack. Lindsey felt my forehead last night to see if I was running a fever. I think she thought I was asleep. I love Lindsey. Life gets hard sometimes, but it's knowing that Lindsey loves me that pulls me through.

Right now Lindsey is at her parents house taking a little break from the Dominguez casa, allowing me to get some rest. It's something she needed for sure. She's been super mom/wife for the past 72 hours, even super mom/wife needs to catch a breath though.

I'm still debating wether or not to go to work tomorrow. I've had the last two days off. I'm thinking of just taking a half day. That could be alright.

Well, I think I'm done writing.
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