05 October 2011

Love, Sandias, More Questions

It's wednesday morning and I'm not at work. It feels good to just relax and enjoy the damp, cool air. We're not used to this weather but it's well welcomed. Right now I'm in Starbucks sitting by myself. Lindsey is here with her mom and a few other ladies from the church. They're supposed to be having a Bible study but it just sounds like normal chatting.

I'r really trying to live life as best I can right now... It seems like it's a too common topic I write about. It's always on my mind though. I guess you can say it's my religion, or you can say that it's just because I'm human. All humans, I think, want to live a fullfilling life. There are so many things I'll never understand... Like how complex we humans are. I mean it seems on the surface that we aren't. But we really are! There are so many mechanisms in our brain that even the smartest doctors don't understand yet. Well how would I know that? I guess I don't know what the smartest doctors know or don't know. It seems like a fair assumption though. Some give credit to a Creator, they're just blinded by belief though. Others give credit to a complex evolutionary process. And unless you live in Alabama you are looked at as a weak minded person for thinking something other than what many important scientists have found. But with every new discovery even more mystery is found. I was watching a documentary on the plannets yesterday. Scientists were amazed to find that life on Earth began shortly after the Earth itself began to exist. What about the speed of light? We were certain that there were limits. I'm not going to try to begin to pretend that I know what I'm talking about. I want to always learn. That's why-God, or evolution-gave me this brain. The idea of God is a romantic idea... I see the Sandia Mountains and I ask, "did God make those for me?" They sure are gorgeous mountains! Oh and when I am in nature, all of my senses are alive! Maybe our speces evolved to love such places because there are more resources there to survive? But maybe there's a Creator who loves me? I don't have all the answers. I wish I had just a few. What matters to me is love. Christ had the right idea... Love. Love! We all need it. We need it more than we need food or water.

Another spelling dusclaimer...learning this Android, don't know how to run a spell check.

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