24 January 2011

Monday Thoughts

Monday, January 24, Twenty-Eleven, Anno Domini. This month seems to be going by really fast. It probably feels this way because I spent the first week in Florida. When I go on vacation it seems like there's a lot of things in my life that are thrown off. 

I would sometimes measure my happiness on how many things I can accomplish. Lindsey and I have made it a point to head to the gym and work out for a little while. We've actually been doing it and in a LEED certified city gym. I would like to see more live music...I have not been able to do this. Negative point toward happiness. I vacuumed our house carpet yesterday--positive point toward happiness. I have not been able to take Lindsey out on a date in a while--negative point toward happiness. I have not been able to go snowboarding this winter--negative point toward happiness. I'm heading up to the Mora wilderness this weekend and spending time in a cabin with Lindsey, Joe, Ryan and Stephanie--big positive points toward happiness.

For a while I didn't really care about football. I thought it was only a way for a select few to get rich, and we as Americans are being exploited. That may still be true, but it's part of our culture. It's something I can call my dad and be excited about. If it helps bond families then I'm all for it. Sarah Palin, American Idol, NASCAR, country music, and Jersey Shore are also parts of our culture. I refuse to take part of that. 

Poor folks in Chicago... Their Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908. I hope that they can win in our lifetime.

These are my random beginning-of-the-week thoughts. 

I would like to appreciate things more that we have forgotten about. I'm going to start using my typewriter again. I want to send letters via USPS. I want to get a turn-table and play some records. This would be a positive point toward happiness. I want to make more trips to antique stores. Lindsey and I both absolutely love vintage photos. Lindsey makes some amazing art pieces with these photos. 

Have I been a poor friend? I feel like many of my friends don't contact me anymore. Maybe I'm too busy being in love with Lindsey. Don't hold it against me. 

Here are some photos of things involving New Mexico and Oregon.  

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