13 June 2009

rain, rain, rain



I'm so crazy happy right now, but so crazy frustrated!

No. 1
I'm listening to MxPx, they make me happy. Everything from Washington state is wonderful, nay, the Pacific Northwest. MxPx, Lindsey (Portland), and Starbucks who just payed my bills.

No. 2
I'm finishing my last undergrad classes...ever.. It's taken me forever to finish. (In my defence, I really wanted to be an Architect, but my friend Travis who recieved his degree in architecture advised me against it, so that added around 2 years to my degree. Before I was a determined arcitect major, I wasn't sure/finding myself.) But the only thing that counts is that I'll be done this summer. The semester started in the beginning of this month and midterms are already next week. I'm excited to be done. Lindsey has been throwing out my resume to employers, including The Federal Reserve, the freaking American economy itself. That would be amazing if I got that job, but we'd have to move to Kentucky... Kentucky. I'm sure it's nice there.

No. 3
Financial aid made the hugest mistake!! They told me I was fine to get a loan for the summer semester. They told me my classes would be paid for by the end of May. I was expecting a few extra dollars to pay rent. It didn't work out. I had to petition for a loan. I had to write a letter. So frustrating. I couldn't pay rent! Things are getting better though.

No. 4
I just want to camp. I want to live in the forest for like a week, maybe longer.

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