01 November 2007


I was a cowboy again. I have a cowboy hat and a bunch of western shirts, so it was quick and easy for me. I wish I could've been a wizard. I wanted to get a cool robe and a long white wig/beard combo. Maybe a staff. Oh well. There were a bunch of wizards last night surprisingly. Well maybe not a bunch of wizards, but I did see at least three girls dressed up as the girl from Harry Potter...except their wizard suits were much more revealing than the real Harry Potter girl. (I like). This makes me think of poor Harry Potter. Is he ever going to be able to get another job? He's just perfect for the Potter role. I really can't see him act in any other movie. Although, that's what I thought about Elijah Wood, and he was excellent in Eternal Sunshine... At first I was like "Frodo!!" sweet. But everyone knows Frodo is way cooler than Harry Potter. I love the Baggins'.

So today:

Listen to more Ben Folds. (His music makes everything okay)
Maybe go to Brickyard before class
Go to my emotional and interpersonal relationships class and get depressed from hearing that humans are flawed and there's no hope
Go for a yog
Read my book (Chronicles of Narnia)
Think about flying lady
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